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Markus Engelberger

Senior Visual Catalyst

Of one who set out to change the world with pen in hand ...

In school, Markus often got into trouble because he scribbled in notebooks and books (and maybe because he always liked to question the status quo).

The teachers thought his doodles were a sign of inattentiveness. Today he knows that exactly the opposite was the case:

To visualize is to think with a pen.

Markus Engelberger_Graphic Recorder_Spea

"My mission is - in the truest sense of the word - to create added value"

Whoever manages to touch people in a digitized world wins.

Real adventures, real encounters, real relationships - all of this has become rare in a world characterized by virtual communication, digital transformation and automated services. Markus Engelberger's services touch, support and move people. At your event, in your meeting, in your organization.

Markus Engelberger_.png

Countless vision ary such as Leonardo da Vinci, JW Goethe, Carl Jung, Nicholas Tesla or Edgar Schein have used the power of doodles and sketches on their extraordinary spiritual heights targeted.

Whether as an illustrator with a particularly deep understanding of strategy , innovation and leadership , as a visual moderator or as a trainer for moderation and visualization techniques - Markus Engelberger's services are valued and used by decision-makers, consultants and executives around the world.

Markus Engelberger_Graphic Recording.png

Professional focus

M arkus Engelberger is a pioneer of visually supported advice and moderation in Austria. Since 2010 he has been accompanying groups and teams in improving communication and collaboration. Since 2013 he has supported companies as  Graphic recorder  and  Strategic illustrator. What sets him apart from other illustrators is his deep understanding of entrepreneurship, strategy and innovation as well as 20 years of experience in moderating dialogue events.


  • Documentation of conferences, meetings, lectures and workshops

  • Illustration of Strategies, visions, missions and values of your company

  • Design of convincing presentations and other visual communication tools

  • Design & moderation of strategic meetings, large group events and exams

  • Coaching of Team leaders, entrepreneurs and visualizers

  • Supervision of high-performing teams in the private sector as well as in NGOs / NPOs

  • Training of key personnel in visualization, presentation and moderation techniques

  • Organization & moderation of openly accessible formats for cross-organizational exchange of experiences

Visual catalyzation

Markus Engelberger describes himself as a "Visual Catalyst", a visually working process catalyst .

vi · su · al - A visual experience, visually conveyed information or visually working method.

ca · ta · lyst - driving force that provokes significant actions or accelerates change.

Whether as a draftsman, as a moderator, as a trainer or as a speaker - Markus Engelberger's services and interventions always pursue one goal: to advance your system (= manager, team, organization, project, event) with regard to its current development tasks.

Markus Engelberger_Visual Catalyzation.p

Social and cultural context

G orn, grew up and settled Markus Engelberger in Vienna / Austria - the home of Mozart, Gustav Klimt, Sigmund Freud, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Ludwig von Bertalanffy, Peter Drucker, and many other artists, thinkers and entrepreneurs, culture, society and economy have had a lasting impact on the western world.

Viennese School of Visualization

Engelberger founded the Visual Catalyzation Academy in 2015, which offers theoretically sound and practical training at the interface between visualization, moderation and process consulting. The academy and the philosophy of Markus Engelberger as Visual Catalyst are now known as the “Vienna School of Visual Consulting and Moderation”.

Wiener Schule der Visualisierung_Markus

Working languages

  • German: mother tongue

  • English: Business fluent

  • Spanish: advanced


  • M.Sc. "Management of Social Systems", 2019

  • Academic supervisor, coach & organizational developer, 2014

  • Dipl. Teambuilding - trainer & outdoor guide, 2011

  • Certification "Train the Trainer", 2010

  • Country ski instructor, 2008

  • Dipl. Social pedagogue, 2008

  • Vienna Business School, 2006

Quality standards

When you work with Markus Engelberger, you can count on a way of working that is geared towards exceeding the following quality standards:

  • ÖVS (Austrian Association for Supervision & Coaching)

  • IAF (International Association of Faciltiation)

  • IFVP (International Forum of Visual Practitioners)

Use the power of images

Markus Engelberger uses images to support communication and collaboration. Why does he work with pictures? Because it works damn well! Regardless of whether in advice, moderation, coaching, leadership or sales - pictures address a level with our counterpart (and ourselves) that the spoken and written word will never reach.

"People are visual beings," says the Visual Catalyst. The fact that the visual sense is so pronounced in "animal humans" has far-reaching consequences:

Perhaps you have already had the experience that clothes really make the man? No matter how hard we work to avoid prejudice - the appearance of another person is directly related to the inner image that we make of them.

Imagery, color psychology, aesthetic image composition and other visual tricks sometimes influence us more than we would like to admit on an unconscious level.

Perhaps you have already chosen wine according to etiquette? Although on a rational level you know perfectly well that a beautiful label does not necessarily mean good content.

Anyone who is “visually literate”, i.e. who has mastered the cultural technique of visual language, can influence people with relatively simple means. Or at least recognize when you are being manipulated yourself.


But that's not all. Our visual-spatial thinking ability helps us to master even the most complex tasks - such as accident-free participation in road traffic - as if it were the most normal affair in the world.

We are not just “eye animals” but also have a visual thinking powerhouse. The human brain is a data center that can absorb and process visual stimuli faster than the spoken and written word. That is why we also use traffic lights and traffic signs, which are made up of pictograms and signal colors.


The fact is: the human brain can process visual impressions far faster than long text.  

But pictures have a lot more to offer.

Above all, sympathetic comic-style drawings can emotionalize abstract content. And they are great for telling compelling stories.


They focus the attention of your audience and give dialogues a visual frame of reference. They help your group to gain an overview of complex situations or processes. And they stimulate the imagination in a completely different way than words, writing and numbers do.

It is not for nothing that strategic processes (if they want to be successful) begin with a vision or a target image - an image of the future that is being strived for. Used appropriately, simple images can even build communication bridges between different cultures and generations.

In summary, one can say: Images are a highly effective communication and thinking tool that people have been using for at least 40,000 years to pass on knowledge to next generations, to plan joint ventures (e.g. hunts), and to make the transcendent (the divine) discussable. Letters and alphabets were later developed from simple symbols. Today, visual browsers are the basis of the success of the Internet and social media.

Whether the art of visualization is one of the cultural techniques that was critical to the success of the Homo Sapiens species is still being debated. The fact is that the ability to communicate visually, especially in the context of a VUCA world characterized by digital technologies, is a highly valuable resource and competence.

In sales talks, in the management of projects and teams, in the development and communication of strategies and in the accompaniment of change processes, Markus Engelberger experiences every day that (sensibly used) images can be the difference that makes the difference.


If you too want to use the power of images for employee and company management, Markus Engelberger looks forward to hearing from you.

  • 2020 - Workshop "The Future of our Field" with David Sibbet as part of the IFVP conference (International Visualization Association)

  • 2020 - Organization & moderation of the biannual meeting of the European Visualization Association (originally in Vienna, ultimately the first EVP virtual conference)

  • 2020 - Virtual workshop series “Beyond the edge of Visual Practice” with David Sibbet

  • 2020: Winner of the "Golden Roll-Up" (Design Prize)

  • 2019 - current: Partner of Grove Consultants International from San Francisco

  • 2018 - current: Trainer Inspiration Day Neuland Österreich

  • 2018 - Organization & moderation of the industry get-together for visualizers in the DACH region in Vienna

  • 2018 - Workshop “For Impact Business” at the IFVP conference (International Association of Visualization) in Denmark

  • 2018 & 2019: Speaker World Knowledge Forum (The Power of Visual Storytelling for building communication bridges and catalyzing business growth)

  • 2018: Graphic Recorder in Otto Scharmer's U: LAB

  • 2017 - current: Various lectures on the topics of creativity, visual storytelling, as well as the power of pen and paper as management tools and as catalysts of organizational learning. e.g. Executive Academy WU Vienna, Corporate Learning Forum imh & ÖPWZ Forum Innovation.

  • 2017 - current: Further training at universities such as Vienna University of Economics, University of Innsbruck or IMC Krems on simple and effective visualization techniques in teaching.

  • 2017 - current: Organization & moderation of annual industry meetings of the Austrian visualizers

  • 2017 - current: Mentor (Strategic Storytelling & Pitching) Intelak

  • 2016 - current: Network partner Visual Facilitators Hamburg

  • 2015 - 2017: Mentor, Coach & Trainer (Business Modeling, Strategic Storytelling & Pitching) Social Impact Award

  • 2015 - 2017 Mentor, Coach & Trainer (Business Modeling, Strategic Storytelling & Pitching) Impact HUB Vienna

  • 2016 - 2017 Country Coordinator Social Impact Award

  • 2016: Founding of Creative Tribe (international network of excellent creative service providers)

  • 2015 - 2016 Venture Manager Impact HUB Vienna

  • 2015: Foundation of the Visual Catalyzation Academy, THE academy for visualization techniques in consulting, moderation and training in Vienna / Austria.

  • 2013 - current: Self-employed as a visual coach for team leaders, executives, intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs in the private sector

  • 2013 - current: Self-employed as a visual supervisor for team supervision in the NGO and NPO sector

  • 2013 - current: self-employed as a trainer for team building and team management

  • 2011 - 2012: Head of the Austrian Alpine Club youth team

  • 2001 - 2014: Team management, project management and training of voluntary young executives in the Kath. Jungschar Austria


Track record

"I work with people, teams and organizations

who aim high. "

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