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Key Message Cards

Visual documentation that turns participants into ambassadors

Key Message Cards is the most divisible form of graphic recording. The central messages of your event are recorded in drawings and reproduced as cards on site. The easily transportable and versatile key message cards turn participants into ambassadors for your event.

Why are key message cards so popular?

The advantages of this form of graphic recording are - in the truest sense of the word - obvious . People love to collect well-designed key message cards that contain information that is meaningful to them. 

Key Message Cards_Markus Engelberger.jpg

Great drawings!

You are the Picasso from Austria.

His Excellency Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri

Minister of Economy United Arab Emirates

Key Message Cards_Markus Engelberger.jpg

How are they used?

Key message cards are used to report to colleagues, partners and customers about the event. Because pictures are an effective memory anchor, they are often used as a tool for storytelling in presentations, meetings and workshops. The visualized key messages are a door opener to share their own experiences, experiences and assessments at the relevant topic.

There is a lot of understanding behind these drawings. Markus captured the essence of the discussions really well, which makes the picture a valuable tool for employee engagement.


Martijn van Koten

Deputy Esecutive Vice President Base Chemicals,
Operations & HSE
Borealis Group

Do key message cards work in virtual conferences?

Yes ! Key message cards have also proven their worth many times over since spring 2020 for the design of lively and sustainably effective virtual conferences. Visual snapshots inspire participants, moderators and sponsors of various remote formats.

Key Message Cards_Markus Engelberger.jpg

You did a great job capturing the essence of what we talked about. I was very impressed. Your contribution helps ensure the key points get across to the audience and that they resonate. This is the first meeting where I've seen this type of 'note taking' and thought it was very powerful. Keep up the good work!


Brent Cogswell

Connected Services Transformation Leader
Schneider Digital & Schneider Electric

This is how key message cards came about

Events are usually complex and expensive. Participants are currently inspired.


But what remains?

Words and thoughts are fleeting. At the end of the event, more than three quarters of the communicated content is forgotten again. A week later, about 5% of the key messages can be remembered.

Key Message Cards_Markus Engelberger.jpg
Key Message  Cards.jpg

An event sponsor who had been using Graphic Recording out of conviction for years was finally tired of the fact that a whole year of planning work and considerable investments resulted in event participants having a pleasant and inspiring day for them.

This client's vision was for employees to leave the event in question as ambassadors for the new strategy.

The executives present should be able to use graphic recording to inform and inspire their teams.

So the idea of producing a graphic recording to take away and share was born.

Key Message Cards_Markus Engelberger.jpg

The practical test of this innovative form of graphic recording exceeded all expectations.


The informative , humorous and appealing cards were enthusiastically received by the executives present and were ultimately in use for months. They were used for a wide variety of presentations , sales discussions , team meetings , workshops and reports .

In the years before, graphic recording had been used, but neither large-scale knowledge maps nor digital scribbles were used as intensively as key message cards. Many employees have still hanging selected cards on their bulletin board or have it as a screen saver in mind.

Which organizers can DAS claim from the messages of its event?

Key Message Cards_Markus Engelberger.JPG

Core messages to touch, take away and share.

Key Message Cards_Markus Engelberger.JPG

Thanks to their great success , Key Message Cards have been an integral part of Markus Engelberger's range of services since 2019.


So far, more than 50 organizers in 12 countries have used key message cards to provide participants or employees with versatile, visual storytelling tools . 

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