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Strategic illustration

Convincing corporate communication

As a strategic illustrator, Markus Engelberger develops well thought-out and appealing images with which you can communicate ideas clearly and   Bring strategies to life.

Clarity, Orientation & Focus

Complex issues, abstract topics and multi-layered strategies can be overwhelming.  So that your organization never loses sight of the essentials, Markus Engelberger illustrates your ideas and translates your strategy into target images, change stories and roadmaps.

"As soon as we lost sight of the goal, we redoubled our efforts."

(Mark Twain)

Thanks for your great support! Your graphics are still very busy (after a year) and help us a lot with storytelling about the current strategy.


Mag. Andreas Hummel

Director Group Communications

Borrealis AG

Pictures are a language that everyone understands


Numbers, data and facts are important. But not enough. Successful leaders use the power of stories and images to communicate strategies and initiate change . Strategic illustrations are images that will help you win the hearts and minds of your employees.


Thank you for adding value to our event with your creative contribution and for helping us design the "St.Gallen Handbook of making brilliant ideas work".

Beat Ullrich.jpg

Beat Ullrich

St. Gallen Foundation &
  St. Gallen Symposium

Strategische Illustration_Markus Engelbe

Strategic illustrations are the Swiss army knife of corporate communication

  • Vision pictures paint a picture of the aspired future

  • Strategy pictures illustrate complex relationships.

  • Dialog images invite you to exchange ideas about the future, strategy and corporate culture. They support the development of a common understanding.

  • Sketches illustrate key messages that, for example, loosen up your presentations or reports.

  • Visual presentations and scribble videos convey your messages in the form of stories that convince on a rational and emotional level

I love your pictures. I can use them for strategic storytelling in presentations and workshops.

Kundenstimme Graphic Recording Markus En

Harald Jung


KOCH Pac-Systeme GmbH

How are the images developed?

The typical development process starts with a  Conceptual workshop in which, together with decision-makers and change agents, content is explored, ambitions are clarified and initial ideas are developed. Once the essential content and directions have been clarified, Markus Engelberger will guide you through a structured and proven process. Ideas become sketches and ultimately communication tools that inspire.

Process facilitator, story expert and illustrator


Depending on your needs, Markus Engelberger supports you  You in different roles:

  • as  Live draftsman  or  visual moderator  in strategy workshops

  • As a sparring partner (story consultant) for the development of a convincing narrative and a suitable visual language

  • As an illustrator of stories and concepts that have already been worked out

Meeting Moderation_Markus
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