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Trainings & workshops

Moderation and visualization as management tools

Markus Engelberger teaches your key employees the skills of moderation and visualization. The competence to lead target-oriented meetings increases the effectiveness as a manager as well as the competence to support thinking, communication and cooperation with pictures.

Markus Engelberger designs, moderates and documents meetings and events for some of the most economically successful organizations of our time. Since 2010 he has seen a lot in this context, tried a lot and learned a lot. He is very happy to pass on his experience in the context of tailor-made in-house workshops and courses.

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5 reasons for in-house workshops:

  • The context of the workshop or training is the strategy , culture and practice of your company or team.

  • The processing of questions , challenges and case studies from your everyday life is possible.

  • Participants can be involved before, during and after the workshop formats. In this way " training on the job " can take place.

  • Many team building elements can be integrated into moderation and visualization training.

  • Achieving measurable success through evaluation before and after training.

Learn how to moderate a meeting

  • Learn basic moderation techniques to control groups.

  • Professionalization of the attitude as a moderator and in-house service provider.

  • Best practices in the preparation and implementation of virtual meetings.

  • Moderation of efficient team meetings.

  • Generation of ideas with effective methods from design thinking, design sprints and agile work.

  • Design of dialogue spaces

  • Accompany groups in making sustainable decisions

  • Moderate focus groups.

  • Flipcharts, posters and metaplan technology and their equivalents in virtual space.

  • Graphic Facilitation - moderating with the pen

Meeting Moderation_Markus

“Your training has received the highest rating  by our lecturers and instructors!

We would be happy to have you back. "

Martina Schabasser

IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems / Austria

Meeting Moderation_Markus

Learning process moderation

  • Team coaching : target-oriented support for your team

  • Team development : Measures to increase the performance of your team

  • One on ones : individual coaching, mentoring and employee interviews

  • Strategic work : Identifying opportunities: developing energizing visions; Make decisions; Set up projects; Accompany operational implementation.

  • Shaping change : Process architecture for accompanying structural or cultural change in your department or organization.

  • Large group interventions : Conception and moderation of large group events

Markus is not only a brilliant graphic recorder, he is much more:  a system thinker and visual consultant. Markus worked with our facilitator team on the roles of facilitators, the art of hosting meetings and bringing the best out of all participants. We had fun while learning and developing new perspectives and he challenged us to find our individual learning fields. Highly recommended.

Martina Närr-Fuchs

FOUR PAWS International

Director Quality Management

Kundenstimme_Markus Engelberger_Martina

Visualization workshops

  • Basics : Use simple pictures to build bridges of communication and convey ideas.

  • Figures : Learn to draw likeable figures with just a few strokes.

  • Image Vocabulary : Develop and expand your visual vocabulary.

  • Composition : Master image composition and create appealing and clear slides, posters or visual protocols.

  • Visual storytelling : Use scribbles to draw attention and participation in your presentations. Tell stories with pictures.

  • Sketchnoting : Create your own visual notes from meetings, lectures, courses or podcasts. Use this form of documentation for individual and organizational learning.

  • Visual Coaching : Use the power of images in coaching processes.

  • Graphic Facilitation : Use the power of images in meeting and process moderation.

Visualisierungstraining_Markus Engelberg

It was great to learn in your training. Your passion in Visual Catalyzation was clearly visible which made learning a real fun.  I would highly recommend the training for all professionals. Fear of drawing will go away.  For me, most important is now I am able to draw much better on whiteboard. My strokes and shading are much improved.  


That's why I have now started using more drawings while I discuss some road map or processes with my team.  Meetings and presentations can be more fun and easy to understand. What took a few slides can be presented in one drawing.

Jayesh Ghughu

QA Program Manager, Pune / India

Expleo Group


Markus Engelberger's approach as a trainer.


Frontal lecture





Group oriented










Eliminate deficits

Strengthen strengths

From above

At eye level

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Are you planning an event on leadership culture, transformation and future skills? Markus Engelberger inspires your audience with interactive impulses about the power of images as a communication and management tool in the context of a VUCA world, digital transformation, new work, virtual teams, virtual meetings, agile work and self-directed organizations.

All in all, thanks to your commitment, the event was a great success.  The speakers at the 3rd Corporate Learning Forum achieved an average score of 1.85. Your contribution was the best rated contribution of our event with 1.21. So the sketchnoting session was very well received. We thank you for your commitment, which contributed to the success of our event and look forward to working together on future projects.

Katja Heel

Senior Conference Manager

imh GmbH


Open trainings & workshops

Markus Engelberger organizes cross-company exchanges on best practices in the moderation of virtual meetings. He cooperates with international top trainers for master classes in moderation and visualization. And he organizes industry meetings and bar camps for visualization aficionados from all over Europe.

Visualisierungsworkshop_Markus Engelberg

Markus Engelberger describes himself as a competent gardener. This prepares the ground for growth and learning. He sows inspiration, helps cultivate skills and reap the fruits of success.  But he also recognizes that an apple seed never turns into a banana bush or a coconut palm. That is why he focuses on using existing potential and strengthening strengths.

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