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Meeting moderation

Lively events and productive meetings

As a meeting facilitator Markus Engelberger conceptualizes and leads meetings that propel your team, your project and your organization forward. 20 years of facilitation experience and an innovative, visual way of working ensure that your meeting is a resounding success.

Modernes Büro

Time: Today´s most precious commodity

How many meetings do you attend each week? How many of them do you really look forward to? And how many of them do you consider to be time well spent? Meetings that should have been an email, Babblers, PowerPoint battles, lack of preparation and structure are just a few of the problems that cost nerves, time and money every day.

The good news is: every new meeting is a new opportunity to do something differently. Every meeting could be a booster for your organization, team or project. Every meeting could be time well spent.

Successful meetings

Efficiently moderated meetings first of all have nothing to do with live scribbles or other colorful pictures. Clear objectives, comprehensive preparation, enabling structure, adequate forms of participation and interaction, result-focused moderation, control of group dynamics, time management and documentation are the basics of successful meetings of all kinds.

Meeting Moderation_Markus

For years we have been successfully working together with Markus for teambuilding, team coaching & moderation of strategic meetings. Markus has a great sensitivity, a very special empathy and is highly appreciated by me and my employees. Markus very skilfully combines practical exercises with vast theoretical knowledge, which he constantly expands. As a team, the sessions with Markus have helped us a lot in recent years. We are already looking forward to our coaching sessions next year.

Alexandra Gruber


Wiener Tafel - Association for Social Transfer


Use the power of images

It is impossible to conceive of modern moderation, consulting and leadership without the use of imagry.

Pictures are worth more than 1000 words, because they make complex thoughts accessible, offer orientation and stimulate new impulses. That holds true for both arenas of collaboration: the live stream and the life stream.

As a facilitation tool, visuals focus attention, increase understanding, and structure dialogue. Idea sketches, for example, help to develop a shared understanding of the future, support decision-making and planning processes.

Meeting Moderation_Markus
Laura Leyser, MSF Austria.jpg

Working with Markus was brilliant. He has an unbelievable capacity to listen, understand what people are actually trying to say and then visualize that. His skills were extremely useful in jointly preparing the basis of a new vision for our organization through numerous workshops that he led us through. His graphic recording of our strategic workshop is not only an excellent summary of our discussions but also a much admired memory of the day now displayed prominently in our office. Sometimes pictures do say more than words.

Laura Leyser


MSF Austria

Even though they appear creative and playful - both, prepared visual maps and live sketches, always serve a higher purpose. They support the process, steer the group´s attention and energy and thus help achieve the given meeting goals.

Visual moderation is always a means, never an end

Meeting Moderation_Markus

Meetings are incarnated corporate culture

Did you know? The way meetings are conducted and the attention that management pays to improving meeting culture tells employees, customers and other participants more about your company than any organizational chart, corporate mission statement or image video ever could. Markus Engelberger helps key players in your organization develop facilitation and visualization skills improve

Markus Engelberger has coached the team running our socio-pedagogical-therapeutic project over the past year. He contributed significantly to the fact that team dynamics could be dealt with openly and competently. His extraordinary approach through visualization techniques made it possible to tackle severely dysfunctional situations with a certain lightness and clarity. We appreciate the collaboration with Markus very much and recommend his Visual Coaching services to all colleagues in social and therapeutic work.

Sofie Pittamitz

Team leader

SOS Children's Village Hinterbrühl

A powerful network for your event

For more complex facilitation tasks or the realization of large group events (50, 100 or 1000 people) Markus Engelberger co-operates with a powerful network of facilitators, consultants, trainers, graphic recorders, filmmakers, photographers, creative agencies, team experience specialists and technicians.

An international network of highly experienced professionals helps you make your event a resounding success.

Engage experts that help you design and deliver an inspiring program, pull of masterful storytelling, facilitate large group dialogue in acontemporary manner and provide top notch visual documentation
If you are interested to receive more information, please reach out to

Meeting Moderation_Markus
Meeting Moderation_Markus
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