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Pictures & Stories that



Show the bigger picture.

Tell a great story.
Make things happen.

Markus Engelberger is an internationally sought-after illustrator and OD consultant from Vienna, Austria.

His core competence is to translate complex topics into appealing images and powerful stories.

Images and stories that move organizations.

Many leadership teams work with the “artist with deep strategic understanding” in order to:

  1. Capture remarkable events visually.

  2. Communicate visions, goals and strategies convincingly .

  3. Inspire your workforce to move into the desired direction and future .


If you want to make an important meeting , a crucial presentation or a groundbreaking process a success, you have come to the right place.

Are you looking for a Graphic Recorder for your strategy meeting or management conference?


Markus Engelberger is THE graphic recorder in Austria, Germany and Switzerland when it comes to strategy and strategic topics. He will bring goals, business models and strategies to life in real-time.

Whenever you are working on the future of your organization , graphic facilitation makes a lot of sense.

Having images in the room anybody can refer to during the discussion, makes it much easier to get everybody on the same page, explore scenarios, draft strategies and make decisions.

Key Message Cards

Key Message Cards are the most shareable form of Graphic Recording.

The colorful and engaging postcards create most value at large Conferences, Summits and Congresses. Also Kick-Offs are an ideal setting to use this innovative form of Graphic Recording. E.g. the presentation of your new strategy and the initiation of your new strategic cycle.

How does it work?

Instead of drawing a big picture, the central ideas, quotes and messages are captured on individually.

Throughout the conference, the sketches are produced as postcards for Take-Away.

The advantage of this form of Graphic Recording is obvious:

Participants have something concrete and useful to take away and share.

You´ll see: People love the colorful and valuable visual storytelling tools.

Key Message Cards help you turn participants into ambassadors of your event.

What you get

500+ strategic meetings & processes designed, facilitated and/or graphically recorded

150+ visions, strategies & mission statements illustrated

12+ years of strategy and OD consulting


Martijn van Koten
Executive Board Member OMV AG

There is a lot of understanding behind these drawings. Markus captured the essence of the discussions really well, which makes the picture a valuable tool for employee engagement.


Phillip Utz
Executive Board Member Uzin Utz AG

Your highly accurate and accessible depiction makes it a lot easier for us to communicate our strategy.

Kundenstimme Graphic Recording Markus Engelberger

Harald Jung
Koch Pac-Systeme GmbH

I love the visuals. They are very useful for Strategic Storytelling in Presentations and Workshops.

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Danke für Ihre Nachricht. Ich melde mich in Kürze.

Why I work with images and stories

Brain researchers, biologists, psychologists, managers, politicians, marketing professionals and sales gurus agree: The human brain is wired for images and stories.


Images, metaphors, analogies, mental maps and the corresponding narratives help us to understand. They change perspective, arouse emotions, offer orientation, create meaning, release energy and get people to take action.


Do you want your project to be a success ?

Use the power of images and stories to reach, inspire and move the people in your organization!

Graphic Recording, Graphic Facilitation & Visual Storytelling

Do you want your project to be a success ?

Use the power of images and stories to reach, inspire and move the people in your organization!

Strategic Illustrations are the Swiss Army knife of contemporary corporate communication.

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